Self careHave you tried naturopathy for overall healing? Know how it can benefit...

Have you tried naturopathy for overall healing? Know how it can benefit you

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Modern-day lifestyles have dragged people away from nature and its healing capabilities. With more time spent indoors, an erratic sleeping schedule and binge-eating processed foods, we have invited lifestyle disorders into our lives. And, in this hunt to find quick remedies to our issues, we all have somewhere become pill-poppers by relying heavily on allopathy. While sometimes it is unavoidable, little do we realize that partaking such medications can also come with multiple side effects. To this end, you could explore naturopathy for your overall well-being.

Health Shots got in touch with Pearl Sekhri, a dietician, to get deeper insights into benefits of naturopathy treatment.

What is naturopathy treatment?

Naturopathy is system of medicine that is similar to Ayurveda. It is based on the patterns of the cosmos and nature. We heal only when our inner body is in natural harmony with the nature and forces outside. This naturopathy diet involves a vegan and plant-based diet.

It is believed that nature has the power to cure any disease and helps anyone lead a healthy lifestyle. The primary focus here is on natural food, intake of natural vitamin D through sunshine, the right way to drink water, power breathing, correct sleep schedule, and earthing.

Health benefits of naturopathy

It is said to bring harmony in overall health. Normally, all allopathic treatments are prescribed to provide short-term relief from uneasy symptoms. Whereas, naturopathy looks at the body as a whole and tries to provide long-term remedy to all the abnormalities in the body by getting to root of the concern. Thus, it believes in reaping long-term benefits for the entire body system.

Achieve happiness and good health with naturopathy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Safe and effective treatment

No one is alien to the fact that the synthesized chemicals in allopathic medications surely do work on the symptoms positively, but it doesn’t come without side effects. On the other hand, naturopathy makes use of natural substances and non-invasive procedures as the course of treatment which is safe and leave no side effects on the body. Hence, the entire procedure is safe for the body.

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2. Ideal in terms of cost-effectiveness

Naturopathy can be effective in treating an array of lifestyle issues rather than relying on regular medications. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle and the magic of nature can ease recovery, cutting costs of expensive surgeries and treatments. In the longer run, you can bask in the bliss of good health at a lesser cost.

3. Gives you a healing experience

The treatment in allopathy is just limited to taking a pill or a shot. However, naturopathy takes a bigger look at the ailments in the body by considering all the factors – psychological, physical, and spiritual. Not only does it focus on eradicating the health issue, but it also brings the body in balance with the nature, leaving one feeling more energetic.

This can calm the mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Better health every day

Besides alleviating ailments, naturopathy gives someone a fresh take at living everyday life. It makes you aware about the working of your body so that a person becomes more aware about health, and lives a long, and a healthier life.


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