3 side effects of green peas which will make you rethink about eating them everyday in winter!

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If you are someone whose winter grouse is the excessive use of green peas in food at home, then you will be rejoiced to know that eating too many green peas can have side effects! Green peas have their own charm in winter. Moms in Indian homes love adding ‘matar’ to every rice or curry in the winter season. But you might want to stop them from doing so everyday, as according to experts eating too many green peas is not a very good idea.

No doubt that green peas are extremely nutritious and should be a part of one’s diet. They have many vitamins and minerals along with being rich in antioxidants. They are also great for controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics and being a high source of fibre they also aid digestion. But as the saying goes, excess of anything is bad and same goes for peas.

As Health Shots reached out to the nutritionist, Avni Kaul, she agreed that green peas, also known as garden peas, do have some amazing health benefits, but they should not be eaten in excess amounts and certainly not everyday. She says that when consumed in excess, green peas may create side effects.

Green peas are healthy but only if eaten in limit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What are side effects of eating too many green peas?

1. Peas may cause bloating

Having excessive amounts of green peas can lead to bloating of the stomach in some people. Kaul brought a study by the Harvard School of Public Health to our notice, according to which raw green peas have some anti nutrients like lectin and phytic that may cause bloating accompanied by gas and flatulence. Since lectin is not present in huge amounts, reducing the amount of peas you eat at a time to 1/3rd cup should be good enough.

Bloating is a common sign that you have eaten too many peas!. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Leads to less absorption of nutrients

Sure enough green peas are filled with nutrients, but they have some antinutrients too. “Green peas also have phytic acid, which decreases iron, calcium, and zinc absorption in your body,” says Kaul.

3. Pease could adversely affect kidney health

Kaul also tells us that green peas contain high protein content, which, if eaten in large amounts, could impact the functioning of kidneys. It can also boost the uric acid level in the body which can cause joint pain.

Eating peas in excess can affect the health of your kidneys. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Should we stop eating peas?

Absolutely not! The health benefits of green peas far outweighs its side effects, so one should definitely include them in their diet. Instead, you can follow some techniques that will reduce the harmful effects of green peas:

* Reduce the portion size
* Don’t eat them everyday
* Soaking, fermenting or sprouting the peas before cooking them may help reduce the lectin content of green peas.

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