5 tips to help you stay more focussed and attentive

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If there’s one trouble that’s common to everyone in today’s world of distractions is the ability to stay focused on one task. When you constantly ask yourself to stay attentive and focused on a particular task, especially a mundane one, it is mostly easier said than done. Your mind is juggling between varying thoughts, running a marathon every minute. Well, let’s share some good news with you. There are various techniques and coping mechanisms that can help you to stay focussed and attentive by being mindful of the present moment.

Healthydailytips got in touch with Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist, to understand how to improve focus.

Reasons behind your poor attention

Almost everyone these days struggles with being attentive to the present moment or staying focused at times. Some of the contributing factors include:

• You might feel a bit famished, and an empty or hungry stomach could lead to poor attention.
• Being weary or getting poor quality sleep at night.
• Being under a constant state of stress makes your mind stay there and not here.
• Feeling worried or restless can make you lose focus.
• There could be some outside distractions in your environment.

In most cases, by getting to the root of the problem that is causing an inability to focus you can help get rid of the issue. But, if you face difficulty in staying attentive to the details on a very frequent basis, then you might be suffering from other conditions like Attention Defeicit Hyperactivity Disorder, autism, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or sleep issues like insomnia. In those cases, you might want to consult a healthcare professional to find the most appropriate treatment for yourself.

How to improve focus and be more attentive

In general life, lack of attention and focus issues can be resolved by implementing the below-mentioned tips shared by our expert. Here’s how to improve focus.

1. Reduce the distractions around you

Sometimes you end up in a setting where outside distractions are dime a dozen. So, first things first: You can consider getting rid of your distractions to enhance your focus and attention. You can’t do away with everything, but you can make the move to limit them as much as possible. For instance, you can shift to a quieter area, you can turn off your phone notifications, play calming music to soothe your nerves, or de-clutter your working space before you start working. “Do not try to multi-task and do one thing at a time,” suggests the expert.

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2. Try to be mindful of the present activity

“Focus on the activity you are trying to do at the moment since mindfulness is the key to attention,” says the expert. You can also try playing some mindfulness games or grounding techniques to bring your focus back to this very moment.

3. Be an active listener

Actively listen to what it is that is being discussed around you rather than being somewhere else in your mind. Stop identifying with the stressful or worrying thoughts in your mind, and get rid of your anxiety by being an active participant in the happenings around you.

4. Check your thoughts

Our expert says, “Assess if a thought, feeling or situation is causing you to lose focus, and make an attempt to resolve it”. Your mind will always trick you into believing your thoughts. However, say no to those never-ending thoughts, and bring yourself back to this moment.

5. Get adequate rest

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and rest as only a rested mind and body have the energy to stay focused.

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