6 warm and hearty guilt-free snacks you can enjoy during winter

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Winter is a whole lot about just wanting to eat and snack! Even if you have a heavy lunch, by the time it’s 4 p.m or 5 p.m, you wish to munch on something. As you step out of your house or office, you will see vendors lined up. From peanuts to popcorn to chips, they have different kinds of snacks that your tastebuds would enjoy during winter. The snacks might not burn a hole in your pocket, but they might cause health problems later on. For instance, too much of peanuts can send you running to the restroom. But what can you do when cravings strike? Go for some guilt-free snacks made with seasonal vegetables and fruits during winter, suggests a nutritionist.

Guilt-free snacks are not easily available, so it’s best to make them at home and pack them up if you are heading to your office. If you are home then you can prepare them as and when you feel the need.

Health Shots reached out to nutritionist and deep health coach Simrun Chopra to find out about the healthy snack options during winter.

Go for guilt-free snacks this winter. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Kanji with fermented black carrot

The dark purple drink is not something you can munch on, but it looks really tempting, so have a glass of kanji with the fermented black carrot for better gut health. But Chopra warned that this should be avoided by people who suffer from diarrhoea.

Mini gobi air fried pakodas

Don’t want oil dripping from your pakodas? Go for air fried ones, and add green chutney to it. According to the expert, cauliflower is best had in limited quantities and should be avoided by people who have thyroid.

Gajar ka halwa

Come winter, and you’ll see gajar ka halwa in almost every Indian household. The Indian winter carrots have a deep red hue and have the best nutritional value, according to the expert. While carrots are great for gajar ka halwa, it can be made healthier by making it a low fat dish. Still, it is best avoided by people with insulin resistance or diabetes, said the expert.

It’s best time to have soup. Image courtesy: FreePik

Spinach or tomato soup

With great winter fresh produce, this is the best time to make this soup to get the maximum benefit of their nutritional value. Tomato sounds completely harmless, but too much of it is not good for people dealing with digestive issues like bloating or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as for some this is a trigger. Spinach, on the other hand, should be avoided by people with high uric acid levels, she said.

Peas chaat

Green peas are at their best during this season, so enjoy having peas chaat or even peas tossed in some garlic.

Strawberries with low calorie hot chocolate

This is a winter must-eat food as strawberries are found in abundance during this time, and who can say no to hot chocolate, that too low calorie one. However, strawberries need to be washed well before eating, said the expert.

Chopra shared that the quantities for each depend on multiple aspects like age, medication, personal goals apart from health issues. Anything in excess irrespective of how healthy it is, can be detrimental, so focus on eating a variety of food but in moderation.

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