Aahana Kumra on weight loss: You cannot starve your body and depend on supplements

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Svelte figures, washboard abs and flawless looks – there’s a lot about celebrities in the glamour world that people want to achieve in the name of wellness. But giving up on essential foods instead of eating right and exercising enough, is certainly not the right path to fitness, says actor Aahana Kumra.

Healthydailytips recently caught up with Aahana Kumra during a film promotion and talked all about the actor’s diet and fitness routine, considering she is oh-so-fit! A self-confessed foodie, Aahana is someone who digs jalebis and kachoris, but loves to run for fitness as well.

“Being fit and healthy is important. Eat what you want, but give your body at least 30 minutes a day for a workout,” says the actor, seen in recent films like India Lockdown and Salaam Venky.

She was quick to shoot down the idea of people aspiring for celeb-like bodies. “Celeb bods are a little far-fetched. I think people should just get a fit body,” asserted Aahana, who sincerely believes physical well- being leads to sound mental health too!

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Did you know Aahana Kumra is a foodie. Image courtesy: Instagram | Aahana Kumra

Aahana Kumra reveals her diet mantra for healthy living

Both Aahana and her sister Shivani Kumra, a fitness aficionado and runner, promote the idea of holistic well-being without going on crash diets. Talking about what worries them deeply about people’s weight loss obsession lately, Aahana Kumra said, “My sister and I discuss the way young girls and boys aren’t eating food these days, how will they live till 40? And after 40 is when the real test begins, when your body will start giving up. Slowly, the back will go, followed by the knees, shoulders, so on and so forth.”

While Aahana admitted that she and her sister take protein and collagen supplements too, they ensure that is not their “food”.

“After the age of 25 or 30, take supplements for whatever is required by your body and what it cannot produce on its own. But it doesn’t mean you leave food and depend on supplements as if woh khaana hai. We are big advocates of food!”

Aahana Kumra shares her foodie tales

If Bollywood’s fitness queen Shilpa Shetty Kundra‘s Sunday cheat meal makes your eyes pop, wait till you know what Aahana Kumra’s Sundays are made of! “My Sunday begins with jalebis, then we eat kachoris, chhole bhature, biryani, butter chicken… we celebrate our Sunday. It’s jashn-e-ravivar,” she quipped.

Jokes apart, the bottomline, according to Aahana is that “you cannot starve your body”. So then, what are her diet tips?

Well, here’s what she said, “Khaaiye, ghar ka khaana khaaiye. Eat a lot of home-cooked food. Try not to eat junk. I understand if your job is such that you have to eat out, but try to eat greens, vegetables and proteins. You must have mindful eating habits, instead of saying ‘maine khaana chhod diya toh main kal patli ho jaaungi’!”

The actor sincerely believes that making alterations to one’s diet for weight loss is fine, but she suggests, “Don’t cut things out, especially those foods which you have grown up eating. I eat roti and chawal and I have never left them!”

Watch the full Aahana Kumra interview with Healthydailytips right here!

“I love running,” says Aahana Kumra

As far as her exercise routine is concerned, Aahana is an ardent runner.

“Post lockdown, I started running 5 kms, which changed to 8 kms, 10 kms, 12 kms and now it’s 15 kms. Yes, I can conveniently run 15 kms in a go. My sister and I try not to miss our Sunday run on the Juhu beach, and I run at least 3-4 times a week!”

All in all, Aahana’s wellness mantra is to set long-term goals instead of short-term goals!

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