Brides-to be! Try these 6 face yoga exercises to tone and sculpt your face

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As the wedding season comes, every bride feels the urge to look her best on her D-day. While everyone goes for various treatments, there is one thing that can help you with that bridal glow inside out without any outside help! And that is face yoga!

Face yoga involves massage and stimulates the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. This technique is designed to soften and relax your facial muscles to help alleviate tension, stress, and worry. Research has found face yoga may be effective in improving the structural appearance of your face by strengthening the muscles of the cheeks and face.

You can do different types of face yoga every day for de-puffing, relaxing, and draining the lymphatic fluid to get a fresh look on those exhausting tired days, these exercises won’t take much time, and you can do them anywhere anytime.

Importance of face yoga for brides

It is every girl’s dream to look and feel her best, and yoga can benefit the mind, body, and soul. However, brides are more inclined towards going minimal these days. They are going for more and more non-invasive techniques for glow so they can rock the ‘No makeup’ look the same way as the full coverage. Brides also go through a very stressful time in between all the functions and unorganised schedules due to various activities, which reflects on their faces.

Brides-to-be, try these face yoga poses to scuplt your face. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Hence, face yoga is a non-invasive technique, and anyone can easily do it in their spare time. Face yoga gives you a permanent inner glow, so you don’t have to go for artificial, and you get instant as we as long-term results.

Face yoga can help your skin to look its very best on your big day. Regular practice until the wedding day can help the bride-to-be to strengthen and tone the facial muscles, resulting in smoother skin.

Face yoga can be a blessing for the bride-to-be, as it increases blood circulation, beats stress levels, and gives the skin a naturally healthy glow. Although, apart from facial yoga exercises, it’s very important to sleep well, manage stress levels, and eat healthily. Holistic wellness is a mix of good exercise, healthy food habits, and taking all the right measures to manage stress levels because when we take care of ourselves from the inside, it reflects on the outside too.

Best face yoga for brides

1. Jaw Shaper (HoB signature)

One is an iconic exercise for an instant jaw lift, great for those who want immediate jaw definition and want to tighten any loose saggy jowl skin.

Practice jaw shaper to sculpt your face. Image Courtesy: Vibhuti Arora
  • Start by placing your index finger in your middle finger on half of your chin to support any loose skin from dragging or stretching unnecessarily.
  • Now place the palm of your other hand perpendicular to your chin.
  • Start to swipe all the way across your jowl region to the base of your ear lobe.
  • When you reach your earlobe twist and tuck lifting your elbow in the air.
  • Do this exercise for 20 repetitions first on half of your jawline on your face.
  • Then support the side you just exercised with your 2 fingers (index finger & middle finger) supporting half your chin.
  • Take the flat portion of your other palm absolutely perpendicular to the jowl region.
  • Start to massage with the same sculpt-tuck and lift motion 20 times on the other side.

2. Bull-Dog Push

This exercise specifically focuses on the nostril muscles. It is meant for anybody who has a thin nose on the top but a broad lower nose and is looking at shaping or toning these muscles.

  • For this exercise, place both your index fingers on the sides of your nose and the base of your index finger, closest to your nostrils.
  • Now breathe in, while flaring your nostrils and adding equal & opposite pressure with your index fingers, to reduce the size of the nostril flare.
  • Breathe out and release.
  • Breathe again, pushing from your index fingers in towards your nostrils and reducing the flare. Exhale out normally through your nose.
  • Do this exercise to the count of 20.

3. Fish Face

The fish face is a generic and most effective face yoga pose that could be done anywhere anytime, best for those who are looking at cheek sculpting. Cheek contouring, skinnier faces or if they are looking at getting rid of nasolabial lines.

Fish face yoga for sculpt your face. Image Courtesy: Vibhuti Arora
  • Start by pursing lips or pouting. Now in this position asked them to suck the cheeks from the inside of your mouth as strongly or hard as possible.
  • Hold this pose to the count of 30 and repeat it three times. After some practice, hold this post to a count of 60.
  • Repeat the count of 60 three times this will strengthen the facial muscles.

Pro Tip: Using Jade Roller or Rose quartz roller at this point to hold the fish face is extremely beneficial as it not only adds pressure from the inside of your mouth but also from the outside.

4. The Lioness Face

One of the most iconic facial yoga and yoga exercises the lioness face helps in overall facial brightening, skin texture enhancement, overall glow and stress or tension release from the smallest of the facial muscles.

  • Take a deep breath by joining your fist together to create more pressure.
  • Ensure that you constrict every facial muscle on your face and your neck overall for five seconds.
  • Now release your breath with the pressure, creating the sound Ha from your mouth when exhaling.
  • While releasing, open your mouth and eyes wide and stretch your tongue out and relax.

This exercise is great for oxygenation and product absorption.

5. Air Kisses

A super powerful, great exercise for burning that jawline fat and also giving your client a beautiful pout.

Try air kisses to sculpt your face. Image Courtesy: Vibhuti Arora
  • Start this exercise by pouting your lips 70%.
  • Tilting your head and looking upwards at the ceiling, you can close your eyes for this exercise.
  • Start to air kiss or blow out air towards the ceiling to the count of 20.
  • Try pouting and reaching your lips as high up in the air as possible, the higher you strive the better the burn.

6. Frown Relaxer

This exercise is for those who need a forehead lift, and have a deep set of 11 lines and brow lines at the same time.

  • In this exercise you would place your finger pads onto your hairline, lifting your forehead muscles on the sides of your hairline, building muscle memory.
  • Apply pressure from your fingers, pushing those muscles upwards into your scalp.
    While doing so, you would bend your head downwards and exhale.
  • Then inhale upwards moving your head to the ceiling.
  • You will hold this position for 10 seconds and come back to release.
  • And then again, push the forehead muscles into the hairline onto your scalp.
  • Inhale and look up, exhale and come back to normalcy.

Recommended time

You can do Face Yoga anytime you want. You can do it whenever you get some time. However, practising face yoga in the morning after you wake up and getting to your daily routine, at Night before you sleep would be the best for all brides-to-be.

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