Feminine HygieneCan poor vaginal hygiene lead to infertility? An expert weighs in

Can poor vaginal hygiene lead to infertility? An expert weighs in

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Reproductive health is not just about your uterus and ovaries. Your vaginal hygiene is equally important, considering that its poor state of health can lead to more serious issues. Sometimes, it can also become a cause for infertility. In order to help you plan a safe pregnancy, we are here to explain the connection between vaginal hygiene and infertility.

Health Shots reached out to Dr Ritu Hinduja, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Mumbai, to understand the link between the two. She says improper vaginal hygiene can be one of the reason of infertility.

Here’s how vaginal hygiene can lead to infertility:

It is crucial to practice good vaginal hygiene. However, if you don’t maintain proper hygiene down there, it might result in problems including fungal infections, reproductive problems like infertility, and urinary tract infections. According to Dr Hinduja, “Certain vaginal problems such as bacterial vaginosis, endometritis, and pelvic inflammatory disorders (genital tract infections) can lead to a lot of health problems, including infertility.”

Don’t fret over your fertility, just check with doctor. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

These medical problems won’t only affect you physically but can also take a toll on your mental and emotional health. There are some vital tips to boost fertility that you can follow.

Follow these 7 tips to boost fertility:

1. One will have to seek help from an expert in case of abnormal vaginal discharge, odour, or pelvic pain.
2. Try to stay in top shape by maintaining an optimum weight.
3. Stay stress-free by doing yoga and meditation.
4. Take prenatal vitamins as recommended by the doctor.
5. Exercise daily and follow a well-balanced diet inclusive of all vital nutrients to boost fertility.
6. Quit smoking, alcohol and illicit use of drugs.
7. Go for regular follow-ups with your gynaecologist.

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Follow these tips to maintain vaginal hygiene:

1. Only wear cotton underwear, which is breathable for your skin and easily absorbs sweat.
2. Avoid douching since it can trigger bacterial growth and alter the pH balance of the vagina.

Lack of menstrual health and hygiene can be big cause of infertility. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Avoid trimming your pubic hair frequently since this might result in allergies, itching, and infection.
4. Always engage in safe sex. Use a condom, wash your vagina after the sex, and maintain a dry, clean environment down there.
5. Include probiotics such as yogurt, in your diet, since it can aid in the formation of good bacteria.
6. During your menstrual cycle, practice proper hygiene by changing your pads on time, washing the area after urination, and avoiding using scented products.
7. Maintain hydration. Drinking enough fluids keeps the pH of the vagina stable and aids in toxin removal.

If you have been having problems in conceiving, it may be best to speak to your doctor. Remember that ignoring your vaginal health is a strict no-no!


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