Chuck french fries, and go for these healthy baked varieties!

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French fries are delicious little things that go with everything. For some people, it has become a norm to just order some fries at the side of every meal. They are crispy, salty and extremely delicious. But guess what? They are extremely unhealthy too and definitely not something that should be eaten with every meal. So, what do you do? Switch to 5 healthy alternatives of fries!

French fries pose a lot of health risks like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. Being laden with oil and salt doesn’t help its case. Hence, it is highly advised that you chuck them out of your diet and opt for healthier alternatives like baked vegetables which get just as crispy and will keep your health in check!

Try baked vegetables to curb your cravings for fries! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

These baked varieties will become your new obsession as you can have them with dips, salads or at the side of any of your meals. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at these other options!

5 healthy alternatives to French fries:

1. Baked potato

French fries are a big no no because they are fried, not because they are made of potatoes. Contrary to popular belief, potatoes are extremely nutritious vegetables which are capable of providing us with energy. When eaten in moderation, they also promote weight loss by reducing our appetite and keeping us full for a longer time period. Baked potatoes taste the same as fries but are easier to make and are far more healthier.

2. Baked carrots

Carrots are a part of the seasonal produce available in the winter season and it is a must that you include it in your diet. And what better way to do that by making carrot fries! Carrots are great for your eyes, skin and heart health. They also help in promoting weight loss and are also great for boosting your immunity.

Give your fries a healthy twist with baked carrots! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Baked zucchini

Zucchini is a highly nutritious vegetable which when cooked tastes tangy and juicy. You can slice up some zucchinis to make their baked chips or fries. Zucchinis are rich in vitamin B6 and can help with regulating blood glucose. You can enjoy baked zucchini with some creamy and healthy dips.

4. Baked turnip

Again a winter veggie, turnip or shalgam has umpteen health benefits. Turnips are a little sweet as well as spicy making them perfect to bake and have them as fries. They require just a little bit of oil and salt and they are ready to bake and savour!

Turnips are great for health and its fries are delicious too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Baked sweet potato

Baked sweet potatoes or shakarkandi makes up for a perfect winter snack to provide you with warmth and health. Sweet potatoes are considered a superfood due to its low calorie and high fiber quotient. Baked sweet potato fries or chips can also be enjoyed by diabetics as sweet potato is considered to be a low glycemic index food and keeps the blood sugar level in control.

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