Explore the power of 5 flowers for longer, stronger and healthier hair

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Your hair goes through a lot as you age. You may experience hair fall, premature greying, split ends, dryness, dullness and more. The need of the hour in busy lives is to know some quick ways to maintain healthy hair. While you may use a variety of products promising shiny, silky and strong hair, there’s nothing quite like natural remedies! One of these treasure troves is the use of flowers for hair.

Yes, we often use flowers to decorate our homes and even adorn our hair for a wedding or party. But some flowers have the power to nourish your hair, apart from making it voluminous and healthy.

5 flowers you can use for hair

1. Rose can be magical to make your hair soft

A rose is a symbol of love! It is only natural for you to use extracts from this beautiful flower to show some love to your crowning glory. You can make the most of using rosewater for hair. Known for its astringent properties, which make it work wonders for your skin and scalp, rosewater can reduce the extra oil production in the scalp. This can also reduce dandruff woes, leaving the hair softer and less oily.

Rose petals are also wonderful to cleanse the scalp. You could dry up the rose petals, crush them into powder form, add them to some mildly heated coconut oil, some drops of rosemary oil and some honey to make a mixture that could leave your hair smooth and silky.

Rose water is a great astringent that can be used for hair and skin! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Jasmine flower can moisturize your hair

Widely used for a woman’s gajra, a floral hair accessory, the sweet-smelling jasmine flower also benefits the hair. Its strong fragrance can keep microbes such as lice away from your hair! Using jasmine oil for hair is also a good way to keep your mane moisturized and clean, thereby promoting healthy hair growth.

3. Hibiscus prevents hair fall

If you hit the market and study ingredients of several hair product brands, you will find hibiscus to be one common factor. Hibiscus has for long been considered a wonder power for hair due to its vitamin C content. This makes it great to nourish the mane. Leaves and flowers of hibiscus are also packed with nutrients and amino acids which promote healthy hair growth. According to experts, hibiscus is also a part of herbal formulations which may be used to treat alopecia.

One way to use hibiscus for hair is to grind 5-6 of these flowers and use it as a mask. Another way is to dry these flowers, make a powder and add it to coconut oil.

Make your own hibiscus masks at home, and see the magic! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Trust rosemary to boost hair growth

We may have heard about the use of rosemary oil for hair growth, isn’t it? It’s true! Rosemary has several benefits for hair as it is said to improve blood circulation which can boost hair growth. Rosemary can be used in an oil form, in your shampoo, as an after-shampoo rinse and more! You may find it treating your baldness, premature greying and dandruff issues gradually.

5. Bergamot for healthy scalp

The use of this vitamin C-rich flower can leave your hair well-conditioned, frizz-free and strong. It is said to have anti-microbial and antioxidant properties which promote hair development as well as protect hair from dryness and breakage.

One way to use its wonders for hair is to add a drop or two of bergamot oil to your shampoo, or add it to a carrier oil for a nice, fragrant hair massage.

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