Father’s Day: 5 simple health tips to help your superhero to stay fit!

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We girls generally say “my daddy strongest” and look up to him as our role model. When it comes to taking care of the family, fathers ensure they are at the forefront, making sure everyone around them is safe and happy. However, a lot of times, our fathers overlook their health and signs of medical concerns thinking that the issue will go away on its own. This Father’s Day, let’s change this and make sure our fathers focus on their own health and well-being just like us.

Healthydailytips got in touch with Dr Haleema Yezdani, General Physician, Connect and Heal, who shares some amazing tips to ensure good health for your precious dad, ladies!

This Father’s Day, share these health tips with your father and persuade him to embrace them for his overall well-being:

1. Bust the stress

Responsibilities and the pressure to meet deadlines at the office and at home often lead to exhaustion and stress. Covid-19 has further increased this stress considering the financial impact of lockdowns and the overall threat to one’s health. We suggest some simple tips for your father to combat the stress, like practicing yoga or light breathing exercises at consistent intervals. “Going out for a walk in the morning or evening and engaging in any other physical activity can help him release this stress. Also, one should make sure they spend quality time with their family by not working at home and keeping their laptop and mobile phones away,” advises Dr Yezdani.

2. Healthy food for a healthy life!

After your dad crosses a certain age, one needs to be mindful of the food they consume and the lifestyle they lead. This may need to be altered according to age and overall health. Diet is one such aspect that needs complete attention as we age. Having a healthy diet means balancing and eating all the right nutrients required to maintain our vitality. Consuming junk food and fried delicacies on a regular basis is a big no-no for someone his age as it can increase the risk of heart diseases and other health issues. Remember, only a balanced diet can keep your father healthy and active enough to sustain all the roles he plays.

From this Father’s Day, make sure you include multiple nutrients in your father’s diet! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Practice preventive healthcare

While there is a lot of conversation around this subject, the rate of following regular health checks still remains very low across our country. They must get regular health check-ups and screenings to avoid any underlying health issues that can aggravate and cause complications. Hence, taking him to visit your family doctor or even consulting a trusted doctor virtually is important. In the post-pandemic world, a number of platforms help you with these services, like doctors on call, diagnostic and preventive care services accessible and available at home.

4. Alcohol and smoking- No, no, no!

Dr Yezdani says, “Sometimes people may rely on intoxicants when they are under a lot of stress, but they must understand that consumption of alcohol or smoking can have a serious impact on their health. This can also be attributed to peer pressure sometimes as get-togethers can lead to increased indulgence in smoking and alcohol consumption. This can increase the risk of liver disease and stroke. While occasional consumption is understandable, it is better that they do not make it a habit and focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and indulging in regular physical activities.”

5. Ensure they keep sleep on priority

Often overlooked as an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle, one must check if their father is getting enough sleep. A lot of the time they do not get ample sleep, which may cause various health issues. In today’s smart world, a lot of gadgets like smartwatches have been launched which come with a sleep tracking system. One can consider gifting this to them so they know their sleep pattern and can work on it if needed.

Sleep helps the brain to stay younger. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Our superheroes often tend to overlook their well-being while they are in the quest to fulfill our needs. This Father’s Day, stop and reflect on their well-being and follow the simple tips shared above to make sure they know they are loved. After all, their health is of utmost priority to the family!

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