Follow these 5 yoga asanas to get back on track for your fitness goals

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Whether it’s weight loss or staying fit, the one thing that matters the most is consistency. With festivities over, it’s time to focus on your fitness and staying on track with your goals. Of course, it takes time to get back on track once you have taken a break for a while. Sometimes, you inevitably begin to stumble and find it hard to focus. One way to do it is by finding stability, inner connection and self-reflection through Yoga.

If living a healthy and balanced life is your goal, then these yoga asanas will help you achieve exactly that.

Achieve your fitness goals with these 5 yoga asanas

Here are 5 asanas to help you get back onto your healthy bandwagon and live a more balanced life.

1. Surya namaskar

This series of 12 steps that are tied together makes for a total body warm-up. An extremely beneficial prologue to any fitness regime. Combinations of backward and forward bending added with breath work generates heat in the body, revs up the metabolism and helps detoxify the body. This improves the circulation of blood and better the functioning of all systems.

Surya namaskar to stay on track of your fitness goals. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Kapalbhati

This Kriya is a technique of intentional hyperventilation. You should perform it on an empty stomach. So, the literal translation of Kapalbhati is shining the skull, and this kriya or cleansing technique deals with issues in our upper respiratory system specifically but it also invigorates the nervous system, improves kidney and liver function and reduces the manifestation of allergies, decreases sinus-related problems and may benefit asthmatics.

3. Jatharaparivartanasana

The meaning of the word of this asana is abdominal twisting. Twists are postures that usually involve revolving the body in relation to the axis of the spine These can be done seated, standing or lying down. This asana majorly helps in reducing bloating, and detoxifying, and thus improves digestive function. This also helps reduce back pain by mobilising the intricate muscles and joints of the spine and has an overall destressing and calming effect.

4. Dhanurasana

It’s a back-bending posture that translates to a bow pose, and it helps in strengthening the posterior chain of the body, improves posture, and expands the rib case, thus increasing lung capacity and leading to mood upliftment. As this pose is performed in a pronated position while trying to balance on the navel point, it creates an abdominal compression. This asana is really good for individuals dealing with sluggish digestion, bloating, lack of energy and diabetes. This asana works very well for people focusing on leg and hip stiffness.

Dhanurasana to stay on track with your fitness goals. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Viparitakarni

An asana very commonly known as the “legs up the wall” pose. The word “viparitakarni” translates to the opposite of doing or a.k.a. relaxing. One of the inverted Yoga postures, this pose can help raise your energy levels. While this is a beginner-level asana and very simple to perform. It is very beneficial on a multitude of levels. It helps reduce bloating, swollen joints and blood flow. To beat fatigue and lethargy, this effortless has to be your go-to. Lastly, this posture is very good for all spectrums of gender and age.

It’s okay to fall off the health bandwagon from time to time. But today can be the day you choose to change that. Bring back peace, balance and health into your life!

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