Hair cycling: The new beauty trend for healthy hair

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Who doesn’t want smooth, shiny and voluminous hair? In fact, many of us must have done almost everything to get healthy hair. Right from looking for home remedies to buying hair care products to trying out beauty trends. Talking about trends, hair cycling is going viral on social media. Come, let’s find out more about this trend.

What is hair cycling?

Hair cycling basically means using different types of products according to your hair’s needs. Dr  says that it also means giving rest to hair by not exposing to different types of harsh ingredients (side effects of hair care products). The good thing about hair cycling is that it can be done by women with all hair types and textures.

Hair cycling routine

All you have to do is rotate the different types of hair care products to get the maximum benefit. But it’s more than just reaching out for your favourite hair care brand or go-to shampoo. Dr says you need to create a hair care routine to support your specific hair and scalp types. Repeated use of similar products is not encouraged. Repeat use of the same type of product might correct one problem, but cause another. Overloaded use of conditioner might cause increase build up of oil, says Dr Sharma (how to apply conditioner).

First wash

For the first wash, go for detox by using a clarifying shampoo followed by hydrating conditioner.

Second wash

The focus should be on repair and strengthening your hair. A repair or amino acid-rich bond building shampoo can be used to address the texture.

Third wash

It can be about styling, so use the products for achieving the best styling. You can use voluminous products and light conditioners. Mousse or fixing sprays are other options.

After every cycle, wait for a minimum of 5 days. Dr says that hair cycling is great for anyone who wants to improve scalp and hair health. It minimises irritation to the scalp and reduces hair breakage. These are some of the problems that can pop up if you use the same product over and over again. That’s exactly why a rotation of hair care products is the way to have healthy hair.

Hair care tips

While hair cycling can help your tresses, you should follow these tips for healthy hair.

• Avoid chemical treatments such as smoothening, straightening, colouring and blow dry treatment (blow drying tips to protect hair).
• Air dry after washing your hair.
• Use a gentle cleansing hair shampoo and stay away from harsh ingredients.
• Good nutrition is important, so have protein-rich foods and stay hydrated.
• Go for head massage twice a week. Don’t do excessive oiling of hair.
• Use a hair mask like one made of methi powder and curd for dry hair.

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