Here are 5 dermat-recommended tips to reduce pore size for acne-free skin!

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Do you ever feel that as you get older, all that stares back at you in the mirror are skin woes? Well, large pores might not be visible to other people but they are a huge reason for getting acne. So, why not fix the root of the problem by reducing the pore size?

Pores are necessary for the proper functioning of our skin. They allow the skin to release toxins through them in the form sweat, but enlarged pores lead to excessive sweat which can become a reason for frequent acne.

Large pores might be giving you acne. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“There are about 20,000 pores on the face and they are normal openings of the sebaceous glands,” dermatology expert Dr Jaishree Sharad tells Health Shots. She further explains that pores increase in size with excessive sebum production as a result of hormonal changes or climatic changes. They may also enlarge due to the process of aging, sun damage or unhealthy lifestyle when the collagen fibers degrade and cannot hold the pore intact.

Dr Sharad says that definitive measures to reduce the pore size are microneedling, platelet rich plasma or laser procedures which help in rebuilding collagen. However, one may use chemo exfoliants such as Beta Hydroxy Acides and retinoids to reduce the sebum production and the pore size.

How to reduce pore size?

Follow these dermatologist approved tips to reduce the size of your pores:

1. Keep your face clean

If you have large open pores on your face, you must keep it clean. You need to make sure that no dirt or oil accumulates on your face. “Proper cleansing of skin and makeup removal will help in unclogging pores and reduce acne,” says Dr Sharad.

2. Use products with salicylic acid

According to Dr Sharad, it is best to use products with beta hydroxy acid like salicylic acid which is lipolytic. It dissolves the fat in the sebum and unclogs the pores, thereby helping to reduce the pore size.

Toners that contain moisturizing ingredients like salicylic acid work well to unclog pores!

3. Retinoids

A skin product that contains retinoids is good for overall health of the skin as it helps with the reduction of acne. “You can use a retinoid 2 or 3 times a week to reduce the oiliness and the dead cell buildup. Do not use retinoid simultaneously with a BHA in the same session,” says Dr Sharad. The doctor also suggests not using retinoids if you are pregnant.

4. Keep your skin hydrated

You can reduce your enlarged pores by providing your skin with ample amounts of hydration. Hydrating and moisturizing with a gel based moisturizer will prevent clogging and enlargement of pores.

Use a lightweight gel based moisturizer to reduce the pores. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen should not be considered a luxurious beauty product, it is necessary to maintain the health of your skin as it can cause a lot of damage. Regular use of sunscreen is also important for the reduction of pore size, so apply it generously.

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