Holi 2023: Here’s how I plan to make organic colours at home

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Holi is a time when people are ready to splash colors and water at everyone. The festival is celebrated with immense joy by everyone across all age groups. But have you taken a moment to pause and think about the amount of harmful chemical-laden colours used every year? These chemicals are harsh on the skin and can lead to rashes and cuts, causing allergies. So, every year, when the world is trying to shift towards wiser decisions, why should we spare this colourful festival of Holi? Bearing in mind the safety of everyone around me and also trying my best to keep the fun element alive, here’s how I plan to make organic Holi colors at home!

Nudged by the annual reminders of using safe and chemical-free colours for Holi, this time I set out to find out how I can make organic colours at home. And so, I stumbled upon an exciting video by popular chef Kunal Kapur.

How to make organic colours at home?

There must have been umpteen times that we wanted to dive into the pool of colours and play Holi like no one’s caring. But the thought of getting rashes or bad skin must have stopped you every time. Fret not, as now you can be a part of all the celebrations by making your own organic colours at home. Here’s how chef Kunal Kapur solves the riddle of DIY Holi colours.

Play Holi this year with home-made organic Holi colors! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

How to make pink colour for Holi at home

1. Take 2 cups of full of finely grated beetroot
2. Add a cup of water to the bowl of beetroot, and mix it all properly using your hand for 2-3 minutes. That way the beetroot will leave its colour in water and give it a pinkish hue
3. Take 3 cups of Cornflour or Talcum powder in a big bowl. This will become the base of our colours
4. Squeeze the beetroot and water mix into the cornflour using a filter
5. Now take a big plate and transfer the mix to it. Be mindful that you don’t add a lot of water to the cornflour, just enough that it combines with the cornflour. Rub the lumps in your hands and mash them to form a powder
6. Add 2 tbsp of rose water for fragrance. You may heat the mix in the microwave so that when it cools down again, you can break all the lumps to form full powder.

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How to make yellow colour for Holi at home

1. Take 1 and a half cups of water and boil it. Put 2 tbsp turmeric in that boiling water
2. After a while, transfer the boiling water into a big rounded bowl, and let it cool. Bear in mind that we have to add cornflour to cold water
3. Now add cornflour, and mix it properly, and in no time it will form a big lump
4. Now when you have mixed it properly using your hands, place it in the sun outside to let it dry or place it in the microwave and then let it cool down. And, the next day, you can break all the lumps to form complete powder from the mix
5. You may also add 2 tbsp of rose water for an appealing aroma.

Do away with worries of your skin by playing Holi with organic home-made colors this year!. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How to make green colour for Holi celebrations?

1. To make the green colour, you need to use mint and palak leaves. Simply, grind the leaves with a little amount of water in a mixer grinder
2. Use a filter to separate the coloured water from the mix.
3. Carefully add 3 cups of cornflour to the water. While mixing, you will notice that lumps will form, but you can continue mixing the water and cornflour using your hands until it all turns green.
4. Use the same microwave method to help form a complete powder.

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How to make blue colour for your Holi celebrations

1. To make this, we will use 2 tbsp of Blue Food grade color (liquid). Add 3/4th cup of water into the big plate bowl
2. Now, add 3 cups of cornflour to the mix. Now start mixing it using a spoon and your hands until the entire mixture turns blue
3. You can again use the same microwave method and sun-dry method to dry the mix completely and then break the lumps to form a complete powder.

Now that you can make organic Holi colours at home, we wish that you have a safe, colourful and joyful Holi!

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