Intermittent fasting: Avoid these drinks if you’re on this weight loss diet

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Intermittent Fasting (IF) or time-restricted ways of eating are similar eating styles. They both restrict the eating window time, but intermittent fasting can often also include calorie restrictions to amplify the fat burn. This enables people to create a daily calorie deficit by restricting the quantity of food consumed during the eating window.

The science behind this approach to eating is that fasting for an extended length of time allows our bodies to burn the sugar and calories consumed during the day. Once that is metabolised, it begins to tap into our excess fat reserves for sustenance. This process is frequently known to be “metabolic switching”.

Beverages are often overlooked in our diet and are loaded with calories that can pull you out of your fasting hours quite effortlessly. As a thumb rule, if the beverage is below 50 calories, it’s good to go! But anything over that calories count, triggers an insulin response, signalling your body that you’re out of the fasting window.

Drinks to avoid while intermittent fasting

Here are some beverages that you should avoid while intermittent fasting-

1. Cappuccinos, latte and milk teas

Ingredients like milk and sugar, impact our metabolism and blood sugar levels and are not suitable during fasting hours.

2. Coconut water

Yes! While its very hydrating coconut water contains carbohydrates, that can end your fasting window.

3. Freshly squeezed juices

Be it vegetable juice or fruit juice, certain of them are high in fructose, averaging anywhere between 8-10 grams of carbohydrates. This quantity of carbohydrates would no longer keep you fasting; nevertheless, fruit and vegetable juices may be consumed during the meal periods instead of during the fasting hour.

4. Energy/sports drinks and sodas

You might believe that consuming these beverages while fasting will simply increase your energy levels. But since they are filled with calories and artificial sweeteners, they break your fast.

5. Protein powder

Protein powder comprises amino acids that trigger an increase in insulin levels, breaking a fast.

6. Gummy multivitamins

These frequently contain minimal quantities of protein, glucose, and occasionally fatty acids, which, once again, can interfere with your fasting period.

Drinks you can include in intermittent fasting

Some drinks that you can include in your fasting window are:

  • Water: Plain or sparkling water. It contains no calories and will keep you hydrated during your fast.
  • Hot water with lemon and ginger: It is the best drink for someone trying to keep their blood sugar levels in check. It contains no calories or sweeteners that could cause a spike in insulin levels. It is also good for digestion as it promotes regular bowel movements.
  • Black tea and coffee: with minimal to preferably no milk.
  • Diluted apple cider vinegar: Adding 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your water will help you keep refreshed and reduce hunger cravings throughout your fast.
  • Healthy fats like MCT oil- Coconut oil, ghee, or butter may be added in small amounts to your tea or coffee. This is a tricky one, so read the nutritional labels to gauge calories per spoon!

There is no doubt that intermittent fasting is probably the most trending way of eating. Research suggests that it may benefit heart health, reduce inflammation, and improve cell repair processes, but it is not suitable for everyone. Follow an eating pattern that is sustainable for you in the long run. Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle change as opposed to a short-term diet.

Stay consistent, eat clean and add movement. Make these your daily non-negotiables!

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