Just 20 minutes of exercise can lower diabetes, UTI risk and more to keep you out of the hospital

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You must be familiar with the benefits of exercise for your overall health, and they go beyond just your physique! For someone who is over the age of 40, regular exercise may not only keep you fit but reduce the likelihood of future hospitalizations. So, don’t let your middle age get in the way of your fitness and improved overall health. Having said that. let’s understand how exactly exercise helps you do that!

A new study has found that increasing your daily activity by 20 minutes may reduce your risk of having to visit the hospital in the future for a serious medical condition.

More physical activity means fewer health problems

Yes, nobody can guarantee that you will never get sick but you can definitely reduce your chances by changing your lifestyle. And what’s best than doing it naturally? Exercising plays a pivotal role in keeping your health intact, and a new study has proved it right.

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Why middle-aged people should exercise more to reduce disease risk? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

A new study published in JAMA Network Open which included more than 81 thousand participants aged 42 to 78 found that an extra 20 minutes of daily exercise can keep you out of the hospital long-term. Participants wore a type of fitness tracker, for one week, and researchers tracked them over a 7-year period.
Researchers found that the lower risk of hospitalization was also linked to increased physical exercise. For instance, a 20-minute increase in daily exercise was linked to a 3.8 percent lower chance of colon polyps hospitalization and a 23 percent lower risk of diabetes hospitalization.

They discovered that people’s risk of contracting common illnesses like diabetes, pneumonia, ischemic stroke, gallbladder disease, iron-deficiency anemia, urinary tract infections (UTIs), colon polyps, venous thromboembolism, and diverticular disease generally decreased the more activity they got.

Exercise becomes important as you age!

Physical activity is one of the most important things to keep yourself fit and healthy, especially as you age. Regular exercise can help avoid or delay age-related health issues that support muscle growth and carry out daily tasks independently, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you are wondering how much exercise should be enough to keep diseases at bay, you ought to follow these rules:

  • Get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity such as jogging or running every week.
  • Do exercises that strengthen your muscles at least twice a week.
  • Try to incorporate exercises that will help improve balance.
Exercise can help people in their 40s. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

You do not have to incorporate strenuous hours of exercise in your schedule right away. You can start slow with a 10-15 minute walk every day, then eventually increase it to 30 minutes, then more. However, someone suffering from a chronic disease, consult a doctor and be as physically active as you can. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dedicate some time to exercise if you want to live a healthy and long life.

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