Ladies, soaking your vagina in perfume is NOT a thing

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There are various hot spots on your body where putting perfume can make it last longer. And your vagina is most definitely not one of them. Yes, we are telling you to stop using vaginal sprays or perfumes for the love of God.

We know you want to look and smell sheer bliss on a date night, but that doesn’t permit you to play with your body, especially your vagina. We know you must be quite fascinated by the range of vaginal perfumes and sprays that are available in the market but don’t fall for them at all. We say so because every vagina has a smell and there is nothing wrong with it.

In fact, you will be glad to know that your vaginal smell can turn your partner hornier than ever because it contains pheromones. Curious, aren’t you?

But let’s not digress from the topic and find out why we want you to restrain from these vaginal products.

Ob-gyn shares why vaginal perfumes are a big NO

“There are many women out there who, in order to feel clean and fresh, use many feminine hygiene products like douches, wipes, intimate cleansers and even deodorants and perfumes. But do these products actually help maintain vaginal health? Some may feel hurt to hear this, but they actually don’t! A normal vagina doesn’t smell like roses, and there is certainly no need to make it smell like that. The vaginal perfumes can do you more harm than good,” Dr Aruna Kalra, senior gynecologist & obstetrician at CK Birla Hospital tells Health Shots.

Your vaginal smells may not be any closer to flowers but it shouldn’t be foul! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

See, the thing is that a vagina has some good and healthful bacteria present in it. With a pH of around 4.5, a vagina has a moderately acidic environment which helps in the growth of good and healthful bacteria and prevents the growth and development of bad (harmful) bacteria.

Good bacteria, like probiotics, also help in maintaining the pH level or the vaginal acidity level. Now, when you use a vaginal perfume, it kills the bacteria down there, including the healthful bacteria that the vagina needs. Because of this, the pH level of the vagina is affected.

“Without the good and healthful bacteria, the development of bad bacteria and yeast increases. An overgrowth of yeast can even cause yeast infection which causes a burning sensation in and around your vagina and also itchiness. Hence, such scents and fragrances can cause irritation to the lining of your vagina. They can even cause inflammation and pain around your vagina,” suggests Dr Kalra.

Also, you must refrain from all these scented products such as scented pads, scented washes, et al.

Make your vagina smell like a flower naturally

Ladies, what you eat not just has an impact on your weight but your vagina too. It is a known fact that if you eat a healthy and clean diet, your vagina will never smell bad.

Watch this video by Dr Lovneet Batra, a renowned nutritionist, who will tell you what to eat to keep your vagina fresh.

Ladies, your vagina is self-sufficient

Do you know that a healthy vagina has its own odour which is natural and normal? The odour doesn’t mean that it is dirty. In fact, it is self-cleansing. Trust your vagina and treat it rightfully. Wash your vagina only with lukewarm water and the rest of the cleaning will be done by your vagina itself.

“If you find that your vagina has started smelling different than usual, there might be some reason attached to it. For example, after exercising, your vaginal odour may be different. However, if you feel a sudden change in vaginal odour or feel that your vaginal odour is too strong, it is advisable to visit a doctor,” recommends Dr Kalra.

So kindly, give your vagina some space!

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