Make this buttermilk and oats mask for flawless skin and voluminous hair this monsoon

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The rainy season is here, and while you may be enjoying the pleasant weather, you should be aware of how harsh the monsoon can be on your skin and hair. In fact, this weather may potentially make existing dermal conditions worse. Acne breakouts are more likely to occur because of this! That’s why having a monsoon skincare and hair care routine is crucial.

Not to worry! It’s not necessary to develop a separate beauty routine. A little mixing up is all you need. According to an expert, using a natural face pack to combat monsoon-related issues can maintain the health of your skin and hair. So, the two ingredients that can do this job for you are buttermilk and oats.

Here’s how to prepare a buttermilk and oat face mask:

Ingredients you will need

1 ½ tablespoon oatmeal
2 tablespoons buttermilk
1 tablespoon honey
A few drops of rose water


  • In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together with rose water.
  • To make a smooth face, stir well.
  • Apply this face mask onto your skin, leaving out your eyes and lips.
  • You can also apply it to your neck.
  • Let the face pack dry naturally for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with cold water, pat dry, and moisturize your skin as usual.

Regular use of buttermilk and oatmeal face masks may prevent dry skin, keeping your skin supple and moisturized.

Here’s how to prepare a buttermilk and oats hair mask:

Ingredients you’ll need

Half a cup of oatmeal
Half a cup of buttermilk
1 tablespoon olive oil or almond oil
1 tablespoon honey

Try this hair mask to get thick and healthy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


  • To make this mask, you have to simply mix oatmeal with buttermilk in a bowl.
  • Now add honey and almond oil in the bowl.
  • Stir well until the mixture is smooth and even and you get the mask like consistency.
  • Apply this paste to your hair and all over your scalp.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • Wet your hair and scrub it gently with wet fingers and wash your hair using mild shampoo and cold water.

For best results, use this mask twice a week, especially during the monsoon season. Due to the fact that oats and buttermilk can effectively moisturize your hair, calm an itchy scalp, and help preserve its length.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Ekta Nigam, Consultant-Dermatologist, Paras Hospitals, Gurugram, about the benefits of buttermilk and oats mask for skin and hair.

Benefits of buttermilk and oats mask for hair and skin

Buttermilk and oatmeal for skin

Phenols, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances found in oatmeal, can absorb UV radiation and lessen skin damage from the sun. Additionally, it also aids in skin lightening. Dr Nigam says, “When buttermilk is added to the oatmeal face mask, it becomes an extremely exfoliating, hydrating, and soothing face mask. Together, they help the skin become lighter, tighter, and more radiant.” By using this oatmeal face mask, you can prevent photo damage and achieve an even skin tone.

Oats and buttermilk can keep your skin healthy and glowing. image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Buttermilk and oatmeal for hair

According to Dr Nigam, people with greasy or itchy scalps, dandruff, or both respond best to the oatmeal and buttermilk hair mask. These substances work well together to fully moisturise your hair, improve the texture of your hair noticeably, and are especially good for dry and damaged hair. It can make your hair look smoother and more radiant when applied as a hair mask.

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