Night skincare tip: 6 reasons to change your pillowcases weekly

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Your skincare regime isn’t just limited to cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Yes, you heard that right! Apart from adding layers of products to your skin, you also need to stick to a night skincare routine of changing your pillowcases weekly. You sleep the entire night on your pillow, and your skin is in close contact with it. So, having a clean pillowcase can impact the health of your skin in the long run since you sleep on it daily.

Healthydailytips got in touch with Dr. Akta Bajaj, Senior Consultant and Head of Department, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, to understand why not changing your pillowcases weekly may be causing harm.

6 reasons why your night skincare plan needs neat pillowcases

The expert shared 6 reasons why changing your pillowcases weekly might turn a boon to your skin in the longer run. So, make this a part of your night skincare routine.

Change your pillow weekly for the best skin and hair! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. You are directly in contact with your pillowcase

Dr Bajaj says, “Your pillowcase has direct contact with you. This means your pillowcase has a buildup of oils, dirt, and sweat from daily use. This can harbour bacteria for acne or even cause skin allergies.”

We all follow a night skincare regime. Sometimes, post that, the first thing we do is hit the bed and doze off. The serums, creams, and lotions we have applied to the skin get transferred onto the pillow. On a regular basis, this causes buildup on the pillowcase as we said earlier. So, you never know, the root cause of your pesky acne lies in your dirty pillow cover.

2. You might be using fabric softeners

“Even if you clean your pillowcase, you need to be careful. Fabric softeners can be another hazard to your skin. So, avoid using all fabric softeners as it is the fabric softener agents that are a problem for your pores,” shares Dr Bajaj

3. Mind the fabric you opt for

Your hair can suffer consequences if you overlook the type of fabric you are using. For instance, cotton fabric can cause split ends and hair breakage. Try to switch to lighter fabrics like silk that are healthy for both our hair and skin.

4. Apart from dirt or oil, dust mites can also cause trouble

Like dirt and oils, dust mites or bed bugs can also build up over time into your pillows. Apart from regularly washing your pillowcase, using a pillow protector between the pillow and pillowcase can help.

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You can avoid acne with a healthy night skincare routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Germs on your pillow can affect your immunity

As per some experts, the germs on your pillowcase can lower your immune system, explains Dr Bajaj. It is advisable to get yourself a silk pillowcase as bacteria can’t grow on silk. Any form of germ or bacteria can impact our immunity in bad ways. So, it’s best to use safe pillow covers that are not breeding grounds for bacteria.

6. Residual pollen

Your pillowcase may have residual pollen on it that’s clinging to your hair. This means you are going to breathe in allergens at night, which may trigger an affliction like asthma.

Enough reasons to change your pillowcase often, isn’t it?

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