Nosh on these 5 winter superfoods to improve digestion and immunity

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Winter is almost here and you can feel it in the air! And this is the time when due to cold weather, eating unsafe, and decreased activity one’s gut health can go for a toss. According to Ayurveda, the digestive fire affects digestion. While those with a healthy lifestyle and diet have a stronger digestive fire in the winter season as well. However, prolonged exposure to cold temperatures lowers metabolism and affects digestion. Therefore, keeping a person’s dosha balance with winter’s energy is the key to well-being. This can be done by improving digestive health, But how to improve digestion? Here, we lay down some superfoods for better digestion and immunity.

Health Shots spoke to Hari Lakshmi, Consultant – Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai, who listed down 5 such foods which will not only keep your digestive system healthy but will also keep your immunity strong.

Lakshmi says, “The winter special foods and the increasing desire to stay indoors curled up in blankets in the cozy mornings, lazy afternoons, and ever-so-lovely evenings of the winter frequently tend to take a toll on our digestive systems. The body begins to preserve energy as winter approaches and slows down the rate of metabolism.” So, it is essential for everyone to take care of their winter diet.

5 superfoods to have this winter to imrpove digestion:

1. Seasonal greens

Low temperatures provide an abundance of nutrient-dense green leafy vegetables. The diversity, flavour and taste of the vegetables will make you filled up while also preventing stomach-related issues.

Don’t forget to add green foods to your diet, for healthy digestion! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Winter vegetables like mustard greens, fenugreek, spinach, bathua, etc. are all rich in dietary fiber that improves digestion and bowel movements.

2. Ghee

While most people grimace at the thought of consuming ghee, doing so could seriously harm your digestive system.

Ghee is a superb aid for easy digestion and has been scientifically established to have health advantages. It supports the immune system by assisting it in battling the bacteria that cause gas and acidity in the stomach. So, make sure ghee is present in your daily diet!

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3. Warming spices and herbs

To receive all the digestive advantages, winter recipes call for a variety of herbs and spices to be used. Herbs like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cayenne, nutmeg, cumin seeds, and cloves all have a miraculous effect on the body’s ability to digest food properly and break down fat.

4. Foods rich in fibre

While fiber is beneficial throughout the year, winter is when it shines. Foods that are high in fiber help to regulate the digestive process. All of the wintertime green leafy vegetables can provide fiber, as can wintertime specialties like carrots, radishes, guava, apples, etc.

Have a fibre-rich diet! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Protein-dense foods

Although the body needs protein year-round, eating meals high in protein during the winter months is especially important to keep the digestive system working efficiently and prevent gas or acid buildup in the stomach. Depending on one’s tastes, one can acquire protein from both plants and animals, and both sources are equally good. To get all the necessary protein, you can also eat the recommended amount of almonds, seeds, poultry, eggs, lamb, pork, kidney beans, lentils, yogurt, etc

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