Platelet rich plasma surgery: All you need to know about this healing method

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that constitutes more platelets and growth regulators than the moderate range. PRP may be seen as a nascent innovative treatment used to boost tissue repair but it has been in clinical use for several decades in a variety of disciplines, including orthopaedic, oral-maxillofacial, and cardiac surgery. PRP has recently caught the interest of plastic surgeons, with thriving new applications varying from soft tissue augmentation to hair restoration. As per a few studies, plasma stimulating therapy can even deliver new signals to the brain that occasionally has trouble identifying and repairing the precise cause of discomfort in areas like the back, joints, and bones.

How is PRP treatment performed?

To begin the platelet-rich plasma (commonly known as vampire facial) preparation procedure, the patient’s peripheral blood is collected. Peripheral blood contains 93 per cent of the red blood cells, 6 percent of the platelets, and 1 percent of the leukocytes. After that, the platelets are separated from the blood by spinning the blood in a specialised centrifuge. The patient is then given the concentrated platelets again at the treatment site. The fact that no cuts are required to inject the solution into the skin is one of PRP’s major benefits. Since the patient’s blood was used to create the injection, the process is fully painless, completely safe, and leaves no residual effects.

This is completely a safe method. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How effective is PRP surgery?

Due to the high concentration of cytokines (small proteins that play a key role in regulating the development and activity of blood and immune system cells) and growth factors they carry, platelets are highly effective at promoting the body’s natural recovery process. For instance, exactly how a patient’s skin recovers from a bruise or a cut. According to research trials, PRP treatments can be efficacious for up to nine months. Though PRP injections last for a specific period, this differs from person to person. The quantity of plasma used, the platelet density and condition, the degree of injury at the targeted site, and patient health complications are some additional variables that could affect how well PRP works.

Is the winter season ideal to go for PRP surgery?

The interplay of cooler temperatures, dry weather, and icy winds in an ideal winter season exacerbates joint and back pain as well as results in dull and tired skin complexion. Therefore, winter in India is the best time to undergo PRP therapy to alleviate symptoms.

Additionally, the absence of bright sunlight reduces the risk of skin damage following a procedure. In terms of the treatment’s cosmetic advantages, plasma enrichment promotes rapid cell growth beneath the dead skin, revitalising it. Likewise, it clears up any acne and encourages the newly formed cells to get rid of any toxins that leave scars or discolouration.

Slow down ageing with this ultimate solution. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Apart from this, it reverses wrinkles and other signs of ageing for the natural look to kick in by the time spring and summer roll around.

Risks of PRP surgery

Since a PRP injection uses your own cells and plasma, it rarely results in serious adverse effects or an allergic reaction. It is basically a low-risk technique. You should drink plenty of water and eat before the surgery to avoid feeling dizzy because it involves drawing blood. You can suffer some discomfort and bruise at the injection site following the treatment. So, talk to your doctor if you’re thinking about it.

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