Play Holi with natural colours, here’s why your skin will thank you for it

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Before Holi arrives, all you can hear is people talking about the festival of colours. Many wait for Holi so that they can play with colours. But once the festival ends, some complain of dry skin or itchy skin or irritation in the eyes. Some even end up with skin allergies after playing with Holi colours. Not everyone faces these skin problems, but it’s always better to take precautions. Does that mean you should not play Holi at all? Of course not! Just replace synthetic Holi colours with natural ones. Turns out, natural colours are good for your skin.

Healthydailytips connected with Mumbai-based Ayurveda expert Dr Lakshmi Varma K and Dr Shyam Pandit, dermatologist, Allied Doctors House, Maharashtra, to know why we should play Holi with natural colours.

Play Holi with natural colours for healthy skin. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Dr Pandit, natural colours are safe and are widely used by people in order to avoid any allergies and infections during Holi. Natural colours can be made from:

• Rose
• Marigold
• Hibiscus
• Bougainvillea
• Henna
• Turmeric
• Coriander
• Neem
• Beetroot
• Mint
• Spinach

Reasons why natural colours are good for skin

As compared to synthetic colours, natural colours are good for skin. Here are some of the reasons why you should go natural during Holi 2023!

1. Natural colours are not harmful to skin

Synthetic and chemical-rich Holi colours can not only make your skin dry, but also invite acute nail fold inflammation, abrasion, discolouration and eczema. Natural colours, on the other hand, are not harmful and safe to use. Some ingredients like turmeric may even be beneficial for your skin, says Dr Varma.

2. No eye problems with natural colours

Chemical-laden Holi colours cause eye irritation, redness, swelling, and itchiness, says Dr Pandit. Natural colours are not dangerous for your eyes. It does not cause chemical injury to the eyes, so protect your eyes from Holi colours by going natural.

3. Natural colours are easy to wash

Natural colours can easily come off and they do not go deep into your skin, unlike chemically-laden colours for which you need lots of oil and cleansing products.

4. Natural colours are environment-friendly

Synthetic colours are known to have a negative impact on the environment and animals. According to Dr Pandit, the chemicals in them are a threat to the environment and cause decay of plants. Holi colours are also dangerous when it comes to pets.

5. Natural colours are easy to make

You can also make natural colours at home. You just need natural ingredients like marigold, beetroot, neem, spinach, turmeric and orange peel powder. All you have to do is get ingredients of similar colour and grind them together.

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Don’t forget to take good care of your skin on Holi. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tips to protect your skin during Holi

Even if you make your own colours at home, there will be some who will bring synthetic colours. Just follow pre and post-Holi skin care tips so that your skin doesn’t have to face much problems later.

Here’s how you can prepare your skin for Holi colours!

• Apply an oil or moisturiser to your hair and face before playing Holi so that the colours don’t penetrate into your skin and easily come off. Smearing coconut oil on hands, feet and face before Holi can give a protective layer to your skin, says Dr Varma.
• Try to wear full-sleeved clothes so that the colours don’t sit on your body for a longer time.
• Use eyewear to cover your eyes while playing Holi so that you can prevent eye allergies.
• If any irritation is felt to your skin or eyes after playing Holi, immediately wash off the colours and visit a doctor.

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