Proffee: Is this protein-packed drink good for weight loss?

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“Eat a protein-rich diet” is something that we often hear whenever we ask for weight-loss tips. The benefits of protein have been spelled out numerous times. Now, think of combining it with coffee! It may sound strange, but you will be surprised to know that many are trying out this bizarre combination and flaunting on social media. In fact, it goes by the name proffee, which is literally a combination of coffee and protein supplement. It’s attracting the young crowd as it’s been promoted as a drink that helps in weight loss, increases focus and gives instant energy. But is it really beneficial to your health? Let’s find out if proffee is good or weight loss and more.

It is like a thick protein shake with coffee that enhances the drink’s flavour. But when you look at the benefits of coffee and protein supplement separately, there is a contradiction in proving its benefits as a combination.

Protein can do wonders when it comes to weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots reached out to Priscilla, Executive Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, if proffee helps in weight loss or not.

Protein and coffee are mostly used in gyms

She shared that protein and coffee are often used in gyms by young body builders to get extra energy, instant shots to gain strength along with better stamina for workout and exercise. Proffee contains caffeine, which gets absorbed by the bloodstream. It provides instant stamina to bear any kind of strenuous exercise easily. As for protein, it provides tissue development, muscle strengthening and also boosts metabolism. So, on a temporary basis, proffee “may provide you with the desired strength, but in the long run, it becomes difficult to sustain the natural metabolism and health,” said the expert.

How does protein help your body?

Want to strengthen the muscles and boost metabolism? Lean on protein, which also helps in building up the cells and tissues, and providing a feeling of fullness. So, it helps to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat. When we choose to follow a weight-loss regime or body building activity, it becomes important to up our protein requirements.

According to the expert, these requirements should not be achieved instantly, and that it is necessary to have patience, maintain limit, and time in achieving anything in life. She shared that excessive consumption of protein supplements “should not cause side effects like uric acid level deranged, burdening to kidneys and liver, gut illnesses and elevation in blood pressure levels leading to heart diseases.”

Coffee boosts stamina instantly, but also weakens bone health

Coffee, which contains caffeine helps in boosting stamina instantly, but it also weakens your bone health. It affects the absorption of the nutrients in your body and increases dehydration as well. What’s more? Priscilla said that it also increases anxiety and fatigue, so if it is consumed daily or excessively (strong shots or more than three times in a day), it might have side effects.

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Coffee boosts stamina instantly. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

She shared that proffee is good if you are looking for instant results, but it should not be consumed daily, especially by gym goers as it is better to naturally lose or gain weight.

What are some other alternatives to proffee? The list includes boiled eggs, which are loved during the winter season. You can also have strong coffee (twice a day), soy milk, soyabean nuggets, tofu or cottage cheese apart if you are not a meat lover.

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