Risk of severe Covid-19 infection can be reduced by regular physical activity: Study

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The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked panic all across the world. While the coronavirus scare dialled down a bit in 2022, it is far from dying. With bouts of fresh cases in China due to the spread of Omicron subvariant BQ.1.1, and in some other countries like the USA and Japan, the Indian government is on the alert now. As new research continues to be conducted, a study has shown that regular physical activity may reduce the risk of getting a severe Covid-19 infection. Let’s take a look at how exercise may shield you from this deadly virus.

Indulging in a regular physical activity helps keep a lot of health problems at bay. This is what the doctor’s will advise for most of your ailments. They will tell you to start exercising regularly. It’s the same for Covid-19. Even after getting vaccinated and practising all safety protocols there is no guarantee that you can’t get infected with the virus. So, why not stay as fit and healthy as possible to maximize your chance of surviving it?

Stay active, stay fit and stay away from Covid! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that people who caught the coronavirus and were consistently inactive had greater odds of hospitalization, admission to intensive care, and death than patients who were consistently active or engaged in some sort of physical activity. People who indulged in regular exercise had a less severe reaction to the virus.

How does physical activity help in lowering the risk of a severe Covid-19 infection?

1. Reduces the risk of cardiometabolic diseases
2. Reduces the risk of premature mortality
3. Improves immune function
4. Reduce inflammatory responses
5. Helps to increase the number of T-cells and CD4 cells, both of which enhance immune function

You should not let go of physical activity especially during the Covid times! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to this study conducted between January 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, 481,061 patients with a Covid-19‒positive test or diagnosis were identified. Patients were categorized as always inactive, mostly inactive (0–60 minutes of activity per week), some activity (60–150 minutes per week), consistently active (more than 150 minutes per week). Outcomes were hospitalization, deterioration events, or death 90 days after a Covid-19 diagnosis for the people who were physically inactive.

Many research studies have been undertaken on the connection of exercise and Covid-19. It has been said that engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity per day at least five days a week can bring down the risk of contracting infectious diseases by 31 percent. Those who make it a point to exercise every single day will show higher antibody concentration after vaccination.

As scary as Covid-19 may seem, all we need to do is eat healthy and stay fit. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, there can be other fun alternatives to exercise too like dancing and sports activity. Our focus should be on boosting our immune system and exercise along with Vitamin C rich foods can help with that.

Eating healthy is essential too! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

So, take care of your health and protect yourself against the coronavirus.

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