Slow down and practice ‘waking rest’ to keep stress at bay throughout the day

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How frequently do you feel exhausted? Well, it has become so common in our lives since the pandemic. When we are tired or stressed, we immediately turn to pampering ourselves. It could be done via a salon session or comfort food. This is referred to as self-care. While this is critical, it is also critical that you rest! I’m sure you’re well aware of the benefits of rest. But, ladies, rest does not always imply sleeping. You might be surprised to learn that a relaxation technique known as “waking rest” can completely transform your life!

You’ve probably noticed how many people begin their day with hustle and bustle. Did you know that starting the day with a lot of stress can have a direct impact on your mind, body, and health? In earlier times morning time was considered very important. That’s why people used to go for a walk in the morning, exercise, and try to be active. But if your favourite excuse is lack of time for such things, you can simply practice waking rest.

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Let’s find out what waking rest is

Minimalism and slowing down have become modern wellness trends today. The beauty of remaining awake and unassigned is known as waking rest. The true essence of this wellness trend is to wake up and let your mind and body rest and wander. Yes, you read that right! Simply put, it is basically a period of calm and meditative thought during which your brain has time to consider and process whatever spontaneously arises.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Vivek Anand Padegal, Senior Consultant, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, to find out the right way to practice it.

How to practice waking rest?

Dr Padegal says, “Wakeful rest is a relatively new concept, It is a period of quiet reflective thought without effort-focused thought and distractions.”

The method of practice is quite simple. It involves sitting quietly and “doing nothing.” It often involves sitting 5 to 20 minutes a day, or several times a day quietly with no focus agenda. To reap the benefits of this technique, it is best to perform it in the morning after waking up.

Benefits of waking rest

Dr Padegal says, “This technique is thought to help decrease anxiety, insomnia, increase productivity and memory. It allows spontaneous thoughts to disengage your mind from things that normally occupy it.”

Having a waking rest can ensure healthy mind and body go hand-in-hand. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Keep this in mind that longer periods of wakeful rest with more frequent intervals are thought to increase the effectiveness of this method.

Also, Dr Padegal says, “This technique is not dissimilar to established traditional Indian methods such as meditation, which have had known benefits for millennia.”

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