Soha Ali Khan doles out major fitspiration to help you kickstart your week on a healthy note

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Ah, dreadful Monday is back! The amalgamation of winter and exercise is the worst for people who find it hard to get out of their blankets to hit the gym. If we just described your usual excuse to get out of going to the gym, then watch out for Soha Ali Khan for whom no excuse is good enough to stop exercising.

Soha Ali Khan took to her Instagram yet again to share snippets from her fitness routine. Turning her living room into a gym khana, the 44-year-old is seen acing the fitness regimen like a pro. If you want some fitspiration to kickstart your week on a healthy note, check this out.

Soha Ali Khan shares fitspiration with her new post

On Sunday, Soha Ali Khan shared a short reel of herself working out in her living room. She can be seen engaging in an intense workout. From weighted squats to planks to single-leg hops, Soha is seen acing it all. Check out the video right here:

Along the video, Soha shared a quick fitness mantra which reads, “Know when to say no! And when to say yes it’s time to work out.”

Break down of Soha Ali Khan’s workout!

Here’s what she is seen doing in her latest workout video that will make you get out of bed and hit the gym now:

Lunges with punches

Mixing bits of different exercises, this exercise will get your heart racing. Reports suggest that exercise using dumbbells improves blood circulation, lower heart disease risk, induces better sleep, and helps lose weight. Combines with boxing punches, this exercise helps work your whole body.

A combat sport, boxing can do wonders for your health. Since it requires a lot of movement and footwork, it can be extremely beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that boxing can be good for your heart health and keep your blood pressure levels in check. It also helps reduce stress, improves balance, and helps shed extra kilos.

Unilateral weighted squat

Squats are one of the best exercises that challenge most of your muscles. They target your lower body, but also work on several muscles in your upper body as well. Single-handed weighted squat stabilises the muscles, builds muscles, strengthens the lower body, and works your core muscles.

Wall plank

Wall plank is a great exercise for strengthening your body. It also helps burn calories. It also improves posture and strengthens your core. Doing a variation of the plank in the video, Soha is seen tapping her foot on the wall to give it a twist.

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Know the benefits of spiderman plank. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Double dumbbell with sumo squat

It is one of the best exercises you want to decrease stress on your back and develop hip mobility. The dumbbell sumo squat is a great overall exercise that helps strengthen the core and quadriceps.

Plyometric Bulgarian

Plyometric move is a powerful aerobic exercise that targets the lower body muscles. It also increases your heart rate, and help you lose weight.

Caution: While Soha has performed these exercises under the guidance of her fitness coach, make sure you check with your fitness trainer before incorporating these exercises into your regimen.

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