Stop NOW! These 6 everyday things can make you age faster

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While ageing is an inevitable process, you cannot escape it forever. The wrinkles, the creaky joints, and tiredness are bound to happen as you age, but certain things make the process faster. Your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients the way it used to as you age, and neither will it be able to protect itself from the harmful effects of pollution and other things. What you can do, however, is slow down the signs of ageing by not making these mistakes.

Yes, your lifestyle can make you age faster!

Many believe that ageing depends on genetics, but there is more to it than meets the eye! While genetics play a role here, your habits also play a pivotal role. What you eat, how much you exercise, sun exposure and several other factors may hasten the appearance of common-age-related problems like wrinkles. So, if you want to look ravishing as you grow old, stop making these lifestyle mistakes that may speed up the ageing process. Don’t need to panic if you engage in one or two of these behaviours, we have you covered.

Everyday things that make you age faster. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr Sushma Yadav, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, and Founder of Skinology, Bengaluru, told Health Shots all the reasons that are making you age faster.

Lifestyle habits that make you age faster

Here are some lifestyle choices you are making that can accelerate the ageing process:

1. You do not wear SPF

Regardless of the weather or surroundings, sun protection is an important tool in fighting against the signs of ageing. Dr Yadav highlights that most people aren’t aware of the importance of wearing SPF. It is a year-round health measure that will protect your skin from damage and ageing. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF-30 or higher, and water resistant.

2. You follow the wrong skincare routine

Many people tend to follow any skincare routine they deem fit, without consulting a doctor. They fail to understand that not having a skincare routine according to your skin type can make you age faster. Having a skincare routine is vital to keeping your skin clean and supple. Since not all skin types are the same, you cannot follow a routine you saw on the internet the other day. Dr Yadav recommends going to a dermatologist to have a proper skincare routine to slow down the signs of ageing.

3. You have not included anti-ageing skincare in your routine

It goes without saying that the skin needs to change as you age. Dr Yadav recommends, “People must start using anti-ageing skincare products in your mid-20s to see long-term results.”

Follow a skincare according to your skin type to avoid ageing. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

4. You use products that irritate your skin

Did you know that using harsh products on your skin can lead to an inflammatory response, which can damage the skin? Using products that irritate, sting or burn your skin can lead to premature ageing, says the expert. So, make sure you dump the products that irritate your skin even a little!

5. You lead a sedentary lifestyle

Dr Yadav says that not maintaining a good lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that lead make signs of ageing appear faster. “Everyone knows that smoking, consuming too much alcohol, and not eating a healthy diet can make you age faster. So, you must consider this to avoid the signs of ageing.

6. You do not visit a dermatologist

We all try to fix our skin problems by trying all kinds of DIYs. One must understand that skin health is as important as other organs. Just like you need cardiologist to look after your heart health, you need a dermatologist to figure out what your skin and hair need, adds Dr Yadav.

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