Which no-equipment exercises can help you lose belly fat?

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More often than not, belly fat is the prime reason why most of us start working out. A careful look in the mirror, and there it is – a visual sign of obesity that we seem to have the most problem with. And there it starts, the fight to lose belly fat, find exercises that target the belly fat, and searching portals to find out “How to get rid of belly fat?” But is it possible to just get rid of the fat around the stomach?

It’s time to let the truth out, and the answer is No! There is no one exercise or routine to burn belly fat! Spot fat reduction is a myth. So if someone promises you no-equipment exercises or belly fat-burning exercises, know that they may be trying to distort your idea of fitness.

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Effective ways to lose belly fat

There is no one way to lose belly fat. It should be an amalgamation of healthy habits. Here are some simple yet effective ways to lose belly fat:

1. Lose overall fat

Our body is made in such a way that we gain fat all over the body and lose fat all over the body. Any diet or workout doesn’t target any specific area of the body. As a result, the effects of your fitness routine always show uniformly. So if you want to burn belly fat, there are no specific exercises. You have to start exercising for overall fitness and watch the results. It might take time as some concerned areas, such as belly fat, are stubborn and shows signs of losing fat too slowly. But if you stay consistent and actively work on your fitness routine, you shall see results soon.

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2. Track your calorie intake

The only exercise you need to learn to burn that belly fat is to track your calories. To effectively maintain a calorie-deficit diet, you need to track the calories of everything you eat in a day right from tea/coffee or fruits you eat in a day, to every single ingredient you use in cooking (ghee/oil, vegetables, paneer, etc).
Keeping the calorie count below the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (the number of calories your body burns daily) consistently for a few weeks will help you see a reduction in body fat. And with time, you will see the difference in belly fat too. Chances are that the effects will show slowly, but patience and consistency will soon start showing results.

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3. Follow a calorie-deficit diet

A calorie-deficit diet is a single solution to losing all fat/weight no matter, whether you work out or not. You can start by calculating Total Daily Energy Expenditure. The trick is to consume fewer calories per day or burn more calories than what you consume in a day and land into a calorie deficit consistently. This can be done by restructuring your daily diet or burning calories through activities like running, jogging, weight training, etc. As you maintain your calorie deficit, your body starts to shed off those extra kilos.

Follow a calorie-deficit diet to lose belly fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So the best exercise you can do to burn that belly fat is to push that plate of calorie-laden food away. It doesn’t need any equipment – just a gentle effort and conscious habit that you can build over time. Calorie controlled and measured diet is your way to burning belly fat i.e. entire body fat. Follow and maintain a calorie-deficit diet and workout routine that works for your body type, lifestyle, and eating habits, so it gets easier, and a mindless task for you to attain your goals!

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