Wondering why your sweat is suddenly smelly? Find out here

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It is normal for everyone to sweat. Sweat is the barrier against bacteria on the skin, and it also moisturizes our skin. It’s through our sweat that our body cools down. When we sweat, our body heat gets transferred onto the surface of the skin through our sweat droplets from where it evaporates. That makes our skin feel cool and lowers our body temperature. That being said, however, there could be chances that our sweat may be smelling. Know the reason behind this body odour.

We have sweat glands scattered all over the body that releases sweat. Sweat glands are mainly of three types:

* Eccrine
* Apocrine
* Apoeccrine

Out of all the glands, eccrine glands are in abundance all across the body. These sweat glands produce the most sweat, but it does not have an odour. However, sweat produced from the other glands might carry a smell.

Recently, women’s weight management expert and hormone specialist Simrun Chopra, took to social media to share information on things our sweat may be telling through its smell.

Sweating is normal, but body odour is not always okay. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What causes body odour and makes your sweat smell?

* Due to the foods we eat (you can try some sweat reducing foods too!)
* An underlying medical issue
* Hygiene issues

Body odour red flags that need attention

As per Chopra, some of the red flags that need attention are:

1. Frequent sweating or sweat-soaked clothing, even when you are physically active or in a warm setting.

2. Regular over-sweating or clothes soaked in sweat when you are not physically active or in a warm place.

3. When it interferes with daily activities like trying to write with a pen or using the computer.

4. If you are sweating while sleeping.

5. Your skin is consistently damp in a non-hot humid place.

6. Frequent skin infections where you sweat more.

7. When you notice a change in odour like a fruity smell or like bleach or ammonia.

8. A sudden change in body smell or increase in sweating.

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Others may also notice the body odour! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Sweat is normal, body odour is not

According to the expert, sweat is normal unless you show any of these symptoms. If, however, you notice any of these red flags, you need to see a doctor and tell him or her about these symptoms.

“Sometimes, some conditions may cause a change in the smell of sweat. For example, if someone has diabetes, their body odour can take on a fruity smell when in ketoacidosis. With liver or kidney diseases, it may be a bleach-like smell due to toxin build-up,” adds Chopra.

She suggests it is best not to try to look for DIY quick fixes for foul body odour. Consult a doctor.

Awareness is always the key to preventive healthcare. Tracking symptoms that you think are bothering you and discussing them can help a doctor or even your nutritionist identify an issue that can be addressed.

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