Yoga for eyes: Reduce eye strain and work towards healthier vision

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Yoga has gained attention by people the world over as a means of wellness. Regular practice of yoga helps to improve organ function and maintain health. But do you know some yoga exercises also work for your eyes? You do not even need any special space to do these exercises! You can simply do them at your comfort.

What is yoga for the eyes?

Eye yoga exercises, often known as eye yoga, are movements that are intended to tone and condition the muscles that support your eyes. Eye yoga practitioners frequently seek to enhance their eyesight, cure dry eye symptoms, and lessen eye strain. In fact, some studies also suggest that practicing eye yoga can improve eye focus and lessen the symptoms of eye strain.

Here are 5 benefits of practicing eye yoga:

1. Beneficial for glaucoma

Practising eye yoga may assist lower the eye’s intraocular pressure (IOP). If so, glaucoma, a disorder that damages your visual nerve, could be slowed down.

2. Reduce eye strain

The practice of eye yoga may help to both prevent and treat eye strain. Since stress and eye strain are associated, practising eye yoga may benefit students in two ways: by stimulating and strengthening the muscles that move their eyes, as well as by reducing stress and assisting them in staying calm and focused.

Get rid of eye strain through eye yoga exercises. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

3. Manage stress

First of all, any type of yogic practice that focuses on short, deliberate motions, soothes your body. Healthy stress management techniques aid in the treatment of hypertension, which is connected to glaucoma, headaches, and anxiety, all of which can exacerbate eye strain and other optical disorders. Hypertension also contributes to glaucoma and headaches.

Secondly, even though your eyes frequently send “refraction errors” that make it difficult to pick out images, training focus may help your brain’s response to how it interprets what it sees.

4. Builds focus

Focusing on both nearby and distant things is a part of eye yoga. Additionally, it requires turning your gaze from the left, upward, then down to the right. These muscle exercises and focused movements have two objectives.

5. Facilitate normal eye functioning

Regular yoga practice can help relax your eyesight and can facilitate the normal functioning of your eyes. This can make your eyesight healthier and stronger.

Eye yoga exercises

When your eyes are aching and gritty in the middle of the afternoon, these 5 simple movements can be extremely soothing:

1. Palming

Your tired eyes receive some much-needed comfort from the energy produced when you vigorously massage your palms together and place them over your eyes. Your dark circles will eventually get lighter with regular practice.

Yoga is very beneficial for eye health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Adjust your vision

While turning your eyes, pay attention to your breath. Your eye muscles will be in equilibrium once again if you sit quietly, rotate your eyes, and breathe rhythmically.

3. Figure eight

You can increase your eye flexibility and control by visualising a huge figure 8 on the floor and tracing it both clockwise and anticlockwise.

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4. Stretch your eyes

Your eye muscles will stay strong and active if you move your eyes diagonally to the right and left while concentrating on what you observe.

5. Blinking

You can treat dry eyes and hydrate your eyes by blinking 10 to 15 times, three times. Since we frequently fail to blink enough when we are concentrating on computer screens, this activity is especially crucial.

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