Your seamless underwear may hide panty lines but give you UTI

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Undergarments have been an essential part of a woman’s sexual and personal well-being. Just like the moods, the fabric and types of underwear may reflect her current state of mind as well as her need for a particular time of the day. A comfy cotton panty for a lazy holiday or seamless underwear under a work trouser or a synthetic high waist panty for her steamy workout, It all depends on the cause and comfort. But, did you know that your choice of underwear may cause UTI and other vaginal infections?

We understand that now, seamless underwear are new trendsetters for the effortless look and tummy tight fittings. They can make your bodycon dresses look more clean and cinched.

But for going seamless, the majority of the times people are left with options in synthetic material as cotton can’t give that shape and ‘no-show’ appearance. But is going synthetic daily healthy? The answer is NO.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Yamini Patel, MS Obgy, DNB, IVF specialist, Love N Care Hospital, Surat, who told us why going seamless when picking an underwear is not the right choice, ladies.

Seamless underwear is not the right pick for a healthy vagina! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Why are seamless underwears bad for your vaginal health?

“It’s best to wear underwear made of natural fabric, especially cotton, as much as you can. Cotton is among the best materials for underwear because it helps the vagina breathe. Underwear made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester or lace doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. The seamless synthetic underwear absorbs the whole sweat, and doesn’t allow the moisture to evaporate. It may also make the skin hot and sweaty. A moist and hot environment is a perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow causing recurrent vaginal infections, rashes and Urinary tract infection,” says Dr Patel.

But, cotton underwear is also a troublemaker while working out as it shows all the sweat lines under the tight gym wear. And to be honest, granny panties are not a vibe! So what do we do if seamless underwear is unavoidable?

If a cotton underwear is not you thing, follow these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Don’t worry folks, Dr Patel lists some tips if a synthetic or lacy underwear is your go-to choice:

  1. Wash your underwear using a fragrance-free hypoallergenic detergent.
  2. Always clean new underwear before you wear it.
  3. Try to change the synthetic underwear to a cotton one as soon as you are done with the workout or an outing. If changing is not an option, at least try to wipe out the private parts. Keeping it clean will prevent many problems.
  4. Avoid wearing tight seamless underwear if you’re already dealing with itching, rashes and ultimately urinary and genital infections.
  5. Do not use vaginal wash or disinfectant soaps to clean your private parts. It actually destroys the good flora and invites harmful bacteria.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids during workouts. It improves the overall health of the urinary system

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