Your vaginal health needs attention! Avoid overindulging in these 5 drinks

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Often, women tend to associate only intimate hygiene with vaginal health, when in fact, it is much more. From a young age, women need to understand the importance of taking care of their vaginal health. Be it the proper use of period products or indulging in safe sex, all these measures are vital. But what women forget is that the foods and drinks that they include in their diet, can also harm their vaginal health.

Over-consumption of certain drinks can play havoc with how healthy your vagina may be. You could end up facing an increase in itching, dryness and burning in your vagina due to these. So, be mindful of your diet for vaginal health and be careful about not overdosing on these drinks.

Protect your vaginal health by avoiding over-consumption of these 5 drinks

Health Shots reached out to Gynaecologist and Ayurveda expert Dr Neeraj Sharma to know about some of these drinks which may harm vaginal health. It is best to have them in moderation.

1. Coffee can lead to vaginal dryness

Your vaginal biome may get disrupted due to excess consumption of coffee, says a study conducted by Oregon State University. This is because coffee contains caffeine, and an overdose can disturb the pH levels of the body and vagina.

Coffee consumption can also lead to dehydration which may damage the inner lining of the vagina, points out Dr Sharma. Besides this, your urine could get more acidic due to coffee. So, the next time you have one cuppa after another, rethink!

Coffee may not be the best for your vagina! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Avoid regular intake of turmeric water

A lot of people turn to turmeric water or turmeric tea as a technique to lose weight, to make their skin glow or even to boost immunity. Doing so regularly and excessively can be harmful.

Experts concede that over-consumption of turmeric may lead to iron deficiency, which can further cause anaemia. This, in turn, may hamper reproductive health and fertility.

3. Beware of drinking too much tea for vaginal health

Tea also contains caffeine, and should not be over-consumed. The National Center for Biotechnology Information cites that while caffeine content in regular tea may be lower, but black tea or green tea may have a higher dose. If you like having too much tea in a day, you could end up with diarrhea or dehydration. The result? Vaginal dryness.

Tea also contains caffeine, which can lead to vaginal dryness. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Herbal decoctions

In India, especially, herbal decoctions are a way of life. Traditional ‘kadhas’, made by simmering spices such as cloves, bay leaf, black pepper and cinnamon, are consumed to keep cold and cough at bay or boost immunity. Alas, they can affect your vaginal pH because they are hot by nature. Don’t overdo these for the sake of your vaginal health!

5. Aerated or sweetened drinks are a no-no

Be it for your vaginal health or overall health, having too much of cold drinks or artificially sweetened sodas aren’t good for your metabolism. Having poor gut health can translate to vaginal infection and hamper libido too.

As per Dr Sharma, excess intake of sweet foods or drinks can reduce immunity.

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